You Search Me And You Know Me

by Robin Mitchell

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very rough and acoustic sounding sketches. this comes 4th in the series of 'fireside EPs' released annually the month before Christmas.


released December 1, 2009

all songs by Robin Mitchell except Smash, by Joey Burns.
arranged/performed/recorded/produced by Robin Mitchell.
artwork by Ellen Hardiman.




Robi Mitch Bristol

the artist fka Robin Mitchell
"Timeless songwriting." (Bristol Live Magazine)

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Track Name: Better This Way
I've been thinking lately 'bout the ways you drive me crazy,
how it's always when I least expect
and maybe there's a lesson in it somewhere, but I'm guessing
that I haven't worked it out quite yet
when I'm blue you're always quick to come and see me, like I'm easy,
like I'm only finding ways of passing time
and when I'm sober your insistent that I'm way too resistant,
that I never really wanted you for mine

I'm an open road, reality on overload, a hundred thousand miles of sky
and you're an empty casket, a baby in a basket sending shivers down my neck when you cry
if I tell you once or twice a day that living ain't the easy way
you're sure to think I'm messing with your head
and if I ever act unclear or like I'm heading out of here then you say "now, just come back to bed"

you're a fantasist's fixation, stuck in my imagination, I'd forget you if you'd ever let me try
I keep your sanity in check and every time we hit the deck, you drown me and you hang me out to dry
I don't trust mother nature and I'm nervous around alligators, I'm still not sure about your newest dress
well it suits you very fine, and now darlin', I don't mind, but how's it gonna get us out of this mess?

if I ever broke down or tried to turn this ship around
do you think I'd have the strength to make it out?
seems like every other morning calamity is calling and I'm trembling with the tremors of doubt
I've got a restless appetite and I can't always sleep at night,
swept way out my depth by the tide
heaven's on the way in now, jesus christ I don't know how
I'll ever make the winning side
Track Name: Lullaby, part two
one midwinter night when I couldn't sleep
I went out in the fields to try counting sheep
but the darkness that covered the path was so deep
that I couldn't see them at all
I couldn't see them at all

the sheep had no shepherd and started to run,
the wolves understood that the moment had come,
gave chase, and the weak ones were soon overcome
- they showed them no mercy at all,
they showed them no mercy at all

the townsfolk went up to that unholy place
to try to prevent any further disgrace
and the angel of death had a smile on his face
but his eyes held no malice at all
his eyes held no malice at all

a little boy lay in his makeshift bled,
sweated out blood so the sheets were stained red
and the crown made of thorns that slipped from his head
was of no use to him at all
was of no use to him at all
Track Name: Jesus' Wounds
Jerusalem, Jerusalem
who will weep at your door tonight

Jerusalem, Jerusalem
who will walk your streets tonight

Jerusalem, Jerusalem
who will hold you close tonight

Jerusalem, Jerusalem
who will kiss your brow tonight

and who will weep for Jesus' wounds
and who will carry Jesus' cross
and who will weep for Jesus Christ?
Track Name: Searching For His Face (Christmas version)
what's that coming down the mountain?
stormclouds soaked in gold,
we do not turn away quick enough to save our failing flesh

what's that coming 'cross the desert?
a scarecrow in camelskin clothes
I found myself floating in the water, my skin as white as newborn snow

o! but we are willing, so easy
so eager to please
so quick to fall down and
to grace the ground with our knees

what's that hanging on the wall there?
what's that hanging on the wall?
what's that hanging on the wall there, children
what's that hanging on the wall?

o! would you believe me
if I told you that I loved you?
Track Name: Lovesong For A Statue
I don't want a book for christmas
I don't want a candle-stick
I don't want a party hat
I don't want a wooden elephant
I don't want a calendar for the year that's to come
I don't want a cheap plastic flute or a little wooden drum

I don't want snow this christmas,
I'd much prefer it to rain
I don't want a twenty pound note from my grandfather
I just want his loose change

I don't want the day to be over
I don't want the morning to come
I don't want you ever to move from your seat
where you look like a statue,
a beautiful statue,
a hundred-year-old statue
and I am in love with you

statue, oh statue, be mine
Track Name: My Ship Came Sailing
my ship came sailing in,
full of ghosts, white faced men
my ship came sailing in
to carry me away

and then I was alone at sea
abandoned on the restless deep
while clouds of smoke closed overhead
to keep me shut away

thunder sang across the sky
impatient rain began to fall
'til I fell down and lost my sight,
my faith all washed away

then through the clouds a seabird swam
an olive branch clasped in her beak
"I bring great tidings of good joy,"
she said, "be not afraid"

the vessell shuddered violently,
ached and groaned upon the waves
as sharp black teeth went through her hull
and we were run aground

my closest friends forsake me
my enemies all choose to flee
my god do not abandon me
alone at sea, alone at sea