The Weight

by Robin Mitchell

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cheap recordings of dear songs
to listen to by the fire


released December 4, 2010

all songs by Robin Mitchell, except
Santa Baby, by Joan Javits, Philip Springer, and Fred Ebb.
arranged, performed, recorded and produced by Robin Mitchell.




Robi Mitch Bristol

the artist fka Robin Mitchell
"Timeless songwriting." (Bristol Live Magazine)

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Track Name: Revolution Song
I wrote so many love songs that wouldn't stick
I wrote so many happy songs, it made me sick
but I'm better with my back against the wall
because push me and I've got no place to fall

I have said to the world 'I will overcome'
but oh, this world is already overcome
and in my heart I am overrun

I'll walk over water just to please you
I'll tread on lions and on snakes
I'll walk with a limp if I have to
beat my heart of stone until it breaks
the trees across this land, they are uneasy
waiting for the axe to come again
I will keep their hollow bones as a trophy
build an altar, set it up in flames

'there won't be snow in Africa this Christmas'
but it's raining hard on Israel today
from the West Bank they are crying for salvation
calling on God to end the occupation
all our Holy Cities forget holiness
all God's chosen people die in loneliness
I am my Father's child,
I am His pride

and my hands have held a lot of blood
yes they are stained with scarlet blood
Track Name: Song That Is Too Easy
when I saw you I was ruined
with one glance you captured my heart
I've got you inscribed on my skin, dear
so I know that we may never part

I heard a knock at the doorway
looked but no-one was in sight
I dreamt you were stood by the window
now I linger there each night

I'll bring you flowers from the garden
I'll take just whatever I can
whisper you promises sweetly
in a language we both understand

this song is too easy, too easy
it hasn't yet cost me a thing
so tear out my throat with your fingernails
and I'll bleed for you each time I sing

there's a weight on me darlin'
a terrible weight
cruel and unyielding as death
Track Name: Seeds
some seeds that fell on dusty ground, they died
the people who took up the sword all died
each day I build a mirror for my pride
and as I'm walking away, I forget my face
I forget I forget I forget

some seeds were left for birds to come and steal
and it's always the same, always the same way
until I lose track of everything that's real
but I won't go down to sorrow
not yet not yet not yet

my brother told me peace has come, he lied
I told myself I didn't mind, I lied
and then I let it eat me up inside
so I became a landfill
for regret for regret for regret

some seeds that fell on a rainbow ground
chewed me up, swallowed me down
and I grew into a rainbow plant,
stretched across the sky
Track Name: Whispers
it was His will to crush you
it was His will to lay you low
He took his hand from on you
He stood aside and let you go

now in the sky there is a darkness
through the air comes a cold wind shouting
and the ground begins to tremble
fire from the top of every mountain

oh my lips are so unclean
oh my hands are stained in blood
oh my god what have I done

as you hung upon the crossbeam
did you feel the weather changing
did you hear the curtain tearing
did you feel the kingdom break in?

on the earth there is a shrieking
through the night comes a wailing sound
in my chest a heart is beating
but my breathing barely makes a sound

there is power, wonder-working power
in the blood of the lamb