The Robin Who Stole Christmas

by Robin Mitchell

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released December 12, 2011

arranged, performed, recorded and produced by Robin Mitchell
all songs written by Robin Mitchell except Now It Is Almost Spring, music by Robin Mitchell and Tom Buckle, lyrics by Robin Mitchell (originally recorded by Bird and Bear)

also featured on these recordings:
Esther Mitchell (voice)
Joey Mitchell (voice)
Liam Owen (double bass)

delightful illustration courtesy of Ellen Hardiman



all rights reserved


Robi Mitch Bristol

the artist fka Robin Mitchell
"Timeless songwriting." (Bristol Live Magazine)

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Track Name: Awaken
wear, wear me on your sleeve
emblazoned for the world to see
I, I will be your burning up,
your bitter jealousy

o, wait for me at the door
and I'll come and take your hand
and we'll step outside
and the world will know,
the world will know

cruel, crueller than the grave
and so much darker than the deepest sea
I will wear your mark upon my skin
to tell the world that I belong to you, and you to me

I never felt a wound cut me so deep
never knew that it would taste so bitter-sweet
I'll wear it well, my heart on show
and the world will know
Track Name: Now It Is Almost Spring
now it is winter
now it is almost spring
and I have forgotten what it was
that you wanted from me

I went along
I went along with them
I’d do almost anything
just to keep my hands clean

we’ve come a long way
we’ve come a long way
we’ve come a long way
but it’s getting late, it’s getting late

I was alone
I was alone that day
the sun sat low in the sky
and I had to keep my head turned

I couldn’t see you
I couldn’t see anything, but
the time was right, yeah I know
because everyone else was telling me so
Track Name: Whispers
it was His will to crush you
it was His will to lay you low
He took His hand from on you
He stood aside and let you go

now in the sky there is a darkness
and through the air comes a cold wind shouting
and now the ground begins to tremble
fire from the top of every mountain

o, my lips are so unclean
o, my hands are stained with blood
and o, my God what have I done?

as you hung upon the crossbeam
did you feel the weather changing?
did you hear the curtain tearing?
did you feel the kingdom break in?

now on the earth there is a shrieking
through the night comes a wailing sound
and in my chest a heart is beating
but my breathing barely makes a sound

there is power, wonder-working power
in the blood of the lamb
there is power, wonder-working power
in the precious blood of the lamb
Track Name: Lullaby
hush, baby Jesus, be still now, don’t cry
there’s still some time before you have to die
with a crown of thorns and a price on your head
are blood, sweat and tears all you’ve got left to shed?
I left all my sins at the side of the road
but picked up some more, just because I felt low
they’re easier, lighter, more fun to keep:
your water’s too shallow and your wine is to deep

hush, baby Jesus, the birthday cake
is still on its way, just a little bit late
the Wise Men forgot candles and left in the dark
cursing their blindness and ignoring the sparks
I bought you a present, but I left it at home
I figured I’d need it if you left me alone
- but don’t cry!, baby Jesus, I wrote you a song
if I tell you the words you can sing along, it goes

la la la la la la la la la la

help, baby Jesus! I’ve forgotten the way
you told me to find you on Christmas day
but the churches are empty and the shops are all full
and the lights are addictive, I’m caught in the pull
so I’ll hark to the sirens, the carols of night
because they stand for the way, the truth and the life
and the light that you bring hasn’t found its way yet
so forgive me, ‘cause for now it’s best to forget
Track Name: Lullaby, part 2
one midwinter night, when I couldn’t sleep
I went out in the fields to try counting sheep
but the darkness that fell on the path was so deep
that I couldn’t see them at all,
I couldn’t see them at all

the sheep had no shepherd and started to run
the wolves understood that the moment had come
gave chase, and the weak ones were soon overcome
they showed them no mercy at all,
showed them no mercy at all

the townsfolk went up to that unholy place
to try to prevent any further disgrace
and the angel of death had a smile on his face
but his eyes held no malice at all,
his eyes held no malice at all

a little boy lay in his makeshift bed
sweated out blood so the sheets were stained red
and the crown made of thorns that had slipped from his head
was of no use to him at all,
was of no use to him at all
Track Name: Closed Book
father, teach me how to be a better man
I carved a crib from wood, but I don't know how to lift it
father, teach me how to be a better man
I built a cup from clay, but I don't know how to fill it

if the stars are saying something
they all look the same to me
I could never read them
now they're looking more like mystery

mother, teach me how to be a better man
I wrote a lullaby, but I don't know how to sing it
mother, teach me how to be a better man
I bought a gift of gold, but I don't know where to put it

if stories are for telling
they all sound the same to me
I could never believe them
now it's looking more and more like I
missed the sound of all the angels
singing when the ground shook,
looking more and more like I should just go back to bed
try to empty out my head and be a boy again

father, teach me how to be a better man
Track Name: One More For The Manger
One More For The Manger

little baby lying in a stable
whisper me a secret if you're able
is the Kingdom on it's way
or should I come back another day?
oh, little baby lying in a stable

little baby lying in a manger
didn't anyone alert you to the dangers?
all that wood could give you splinters
you might catch a cold, it's mid-winter
little baby lying in a manger

little baby lying in a casket
if there's a question go ahead and ask it
will I grow up to be king?
now, who would tell you such a thing!
precious little baby in a casket

little baby lying on the altar
no-one here could blame you should you falter
did daddy's hand hold you in place?
could he bear to look upon your face?
oh, pretty little baby on the altar

little baby lying fast asleep
in slumber there's no cause for you to weep
Santa and the angels wait
for you to wake, then we'll celebrate
your birthday, little baby fast asleep