Seafaring Tales

by Robin Mitchell

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released July 5, 2010

all songs written, arranged, performed, recorded and produced by Robin Mitchell
Great White features Ellen Hardiman on vocals and shark sounds




Robi Mitch Bristol

the artist fka Robin Mitchell
"Timeless songwriting." (Bristol Live Magazine)

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Track Name: Kraken!
I saw him there in front of me
a giant red eye and flashing teeth
I fought the kraken with my hands and feet
I fought the kraken when I fell into the sea

father, father, won’t you believe me
father, father, I’m telling the truth
father, father, don’t I know better than to lie to you?

my boy, you must have been dreaming
hit your head when you fell beneath
or else you’ve swallowed too much salt water
tomorrow we’ll take you to the doctor

mother, mother, won’t you believe me
mother, mother, I’m telling the truth
mother, mother, don’t I know better than to lie to you?

I kicked up the sand and swung my fists
he lunged at my neck but - thank God - he missed
I fell to the floor with no chance of escape
so I screamed and I roared and he swam away
Track Name: Jones & Barbossa
we came from the fiery pits of Hell
we’ve been to the gates of Heaven as well
all secrets of eternal youth
we know, know, know

drank from the fountain, tasted gold
ne’er got weary, never old
but in our hearts an empty feeling
grows, grows, grows

we mask our sorrow in the chase
the fight, the hunt, the hiding place
and sending souls to walk the depths
below, below, below

and though our masts should crack and fall
the tides refuse to bear us at all
to the roving beat of the restless drum
we will row, row, row

but on our heads there is a price
justice lurks, fate rolls the dice
and when at last he beckons, we must
go, go, go
Track Name: The Dragon At The Bottom Of The Sea
there’s a dragon at the bottom of the sea
and he lives in a deep dark cave
situated beneath a volcano
and he breathes out a bright blue flame
and nobody knows his name...

there’s a dragon at the bottom of the sea
he’s very good friends with the fish
and algae is his favourite dish
but he’ll sometimes settle for krill
just like any hungry sea-dragon will
but one day he got caught up in a net
and he fought and he fought and he fought
but the net, it was just too tight
so he sat there and he cried and he cried
and maybe that would be the end
if it wasn’t for another sea-dragon (she was his friend)

she came along and cut him loose
with some help from her very sharp teeth
and the dragon breathed a sigh of relief
as he swam home across the reef
and from that day he was in love

there’s a dragon at the bottom of the sea
and he is in love
Track Name: My Lover, The Sea
she wears a halo of clouds
she’s got a heartbeat smile
how long will you endure?

come, let’s soothe our weary bones
she’s got gentle hands
she knows how to ache

and true
she holds inside herself some joy
and though
her eyes are water-blue, she can become
a thousand candles burning as one

she has no other friend but me
who gathers her salty tears and sets them free
Track Name: Cinderella's Maiden Voyage
Cinderella, Cinderella, won’t you sing me a song
your husband’s been missing the whole day long
he got up with the moon, made his bed with the sun
Cinderella, Cinderella, where did you go wrong?

Cinderella, Cinderella, we could steal us a ship
gather a crew, some supplies for the trip
wind in our hair, taste of salt on our lips
Cinderella, Cinderella, I know you can feel it

Cinderella, Cinderella, darlin’ don’t be afraid
we can reach open water and be on our way
but please dear, move quickly, we must not delay
Cinderella, Cinderella, what do you say?

horizon hangs heavy with thunderstorm’s moan
the waters a-whisper, the timbers, they groan
sails that curl in the wind as they’re blown
Cinderella, Cinderella, they are calling you home

we took to the water, my lady and I
stood on the deck, waved our homeland goodbye
but oh my ambitions, ’would have laid them aside
if I’d known, Cinderella, that you would not survive
Track Name: Guillame The Albatross
far across the waves I see
a land that could be home for me
and if you follow, far beneath
my wings, then I will take you

many miles I have flown
many more are yet to go
oh faithful friends, you bring me food
and I bring you good fortune

I never tire, never sleep,
keeping watch unceasingly
so, my children, lay your burdens down
Track Name: Gus The Seagull
Gus sits alone on the harbour wall,
he doesn't seem to have that many friends
but he is quite content to watch us go
when we sail out to the ocean with our nets
and Gus is shy, but he never forgets
he's always on the harbour wall at dawn
and always there at dusk when we return
and for all the time I've known Gus I have learned
he would rather steal our sandwiches than eat a fish
Track Name: Great White
oh Great White, you travel so far
oh Great White, you travel so far
’neath the light of the gathering stars
oh Great White, you swim (and swim)

I too must bear that burden
I too must carry that weight
I too must learn to endure
I too must suffer that fate